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Hiring a Driver for Out of Town Work Conference

Posted on: July 19th, 2016 by admin

Value Your Travel Time by Hiring a Driver

Business professionals already know that money is time and time is money. Getting stuck in traffic is no excuse, especially if there is a conference you need to attend. Don’t fall for taxi services that can’t guarantee your conference arrival or rental companies that offer a GPS.

Instead, think about hiring a driver for airport transfers to your next out-of-town work conference or business trip in the valley. Hiring chauffeur is the best way to get around unfamiliar cities and locations for all business professionals, especially in the “Valley of the Sun“. Some may even say, it’s the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable professional transportation solution. Ride in style and elegance. Image is everything, right?

Value your traveling time. Spend it reading emails, answering calls, and preparing for the conference. Not wondering, how to get from point A to point B. And just FYI, your chauffeur can show you the finer things in the valley. The valley nightlife is one to explored.

With all this in mind let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make hiring a chauffeur for your out-of-town work conference or business trip worthwhile. Trust, this is the smartest way to get around in the valley for business professionals.


Why Hiring a Chauffeur Makes Sense

Even though a chauffeur is a person who drives for a living, a chauffeur typically implies a professional driver that operates exquisite and elegant passenger vehicles, such as a late-model Lincoln Town car or spacious Cadillac Escalade.

If that’s not enough, maybe a chauffeur’s local knowledge, professionalism, timeliness, and stylish transportation will change your mind. For all business professional, airport transfers are the bread and butter of their business trip.

So why settle for less?

Here are reasons for hiring a chauffeur like those from Scottsdale VIP Limo service:

Local Knowledge

Without a doubt, hiring a chauffeur will bring you peace of mind. The chauffeur will know the area that you are traveling and offer a piece of local advice. The chauffeur will also offer you local support throughout your work day. This is great for those business professionals that are not familiar with the area. Now, Isn’t that worth?

Image is Everything

If the professional look is part of your reputation, pulling up in a beat up taxi won’t help. On the other hand, riding in a luxury sedan will set you apart from the rest. Feel good about yourself while still representing the company in an elegant, yet fashionable way.

Value Your Time

More than likely, you’re traveling on a fixed schedule. So if you value your time, don’t waste it worrying about traffic and parking. Alternatively, have a chauffeur worry about those things. Spend you’re traveling time efficiently with the matter at hand. Work on the move. Get things done. It goes without saying, you are on a business trip. Not a vacation.

Riding with a Professional

When considering hiring a chauffeur, safety and training should always be your number one concern, which you may not find with a typical taxi service. Ask the chauffeur to give vehicle safety records and their safety standards.

Additionally, chauffeurs have more qualifications than just a driver’s license. So rest assure that your chauffeur limo service has tested them on and off the road before they start driving. They will also have ongoing training.

Stay Hassle-Free

Getting a taxi is a pain in the butt. So is renting a car that fits your style, unless you’re okay riding in an economy vehicle. Even still, you will have to deal with the hassle of riding or driving in an unfamiliar place. The valley is no joke. If you don’t understand the grid system, then forget about it.

On a more positive note, hiring a chauffeur can ease the stress. All you have to do is let the chauffeur know where you want to go and boom, you are there. Oh yeah, you don’t need to worry about traffic, licensing, and insurance. The chauffeur will have that all covered.


Final Thought

If you agree with all these points, then you are ready to ride with Scottsdale VIP Limo. Have Scottsdale VIP Limo waiting for you after you land for a comfortable trip to your conference or hotel. Enjoy the complimentary services, like  in-car WiFi, smartphone charger, and a chilled beverage.

Hiring a chauffeur with Scottsdale VIP Limo is as easy as contacting us at 480.310.5292 or filling out the online form. On your next conference or business, ride with confidence and hire someone you trust. Count on Scottsdale VIP Limo to be there for you!