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Tis the Season for Scottsdale Wedding Transportation

Posted on: July 19th, 2016 by admin

Tis the Season for Scottsdale Wedding Transportation

Like buying your first home, we can all agree that getting married is a huge milestone!

First impression is essential to all brides, especially if you’re getting married in one of Scottsdale crème de la crème wedding venues. From the moment you step out of the limousine to the end of your reception, every aspect of your dream wedding has to prepared meticulously down to last second. From your wedding dress to the wedding ring, everything has to be perfect!


You check your guest list and realize that you haven’t implemented your wedding day transportation. You start to panic. Anxiety starts to kick in.

Your six months away from the big day. You need to book your wedding transportation as soon as possible. You’re on a budget. So what are your options? What limo service can you trust to deliver?

Scottsdale VIP Limo:

That was easy. Plan and book your Scottdale wedding transportation services today. Scottsdale VIP Limo priority is to provide an unforgettable and professional experience while remaining affordable.

While that’s marinating:

Your wedding transportation should be more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It should be a chance to make your presence felt. Here are some tips to balance having a Scottsdale transportation service without breaking the bank.

Plan. Research. Book. Save.


First and foremost, you need to have an itinerary for your wedding day. If you haven’t, it’s okay. This is a great opportunity to get prepared and organized. During this process, you should ask yourself some questions:

Building a solid list of questions will help developed a baseline to your researching phase.



Start to research local wedding transportation services like Scottsdale VIP Limo. You should take a look at their website to find safety ratings and driver qualifications. Also, you should read reviews and testimonial from previous customers from sites like Yelp. This should provide invaluable information that will allow you to make a smart and cost effective decision. Also, decide if you’re wanting a limo or if you want to use town car services.

Once you’ve have a wedding transportation service in mind, dig a little deeper. Figure out if it would be more cost efficient have a point-to-point or hourly transportation. Being budget minded, point-to-point transportation is a great option. You won’t have the ability get special accommodations like making multiple stops, but this a very cost effective option. On the other hand, if your budget allows it, hourly is the way to go. Hourly transportation will provide flexibility to accommodate all of your needs.

Another aspect to consider is whether you should carpool or use a shuttle bus. This is typically based on the amount of people attending the wedding. If your looking to have a small wedding that consist of immediate family members and friends, carpooling may be a viable option. But if you’re planning on having a big wedding, providing a shuttle bus from point A to point B would be ideal. Remember, no drinking and driving for you and your guests. Choose one of these options and stick to it.

Ultimately, take a look at your wedding itinerary. You should base your wedding transportation on your budget and the big picture.


Make sure to book your wedding transportation about six months in advance. Wedding transportation services tend to book up pretty quickly, especially for the wedding season. By booking in advance, you will have the ability to snag the first wedding transportation service of your choice. If you take to long, you might end up with a wedding transportation service that is costly.

Once you’ve gotten all your specs in order, make sure to communicate your itinerary with the wedding transportation coordinator. This will ensure that both parties are on the same page.


Overall, getting the wedding transportation that you dream of is not farfetch, even if you’re working on budget. It’s all about planning, researching and booking the most cost effective options. This way you can save and still have your rockstar wedding.

Five-Star Scottsdale Wedding Transportation

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